Assessments help businesses make better choices


A benchmark 2011 study by The Aberdeen Group evidences that using assessments actively minimises business risk at all stages of the employee life-cycle by providing valuable insights into new candidates, spotting potential high flyers, talent gaps and measuring the performance of employees throughout their careers.

Are you using assessments to underpin your hiring and development decisions?

The research provides a strong evidence base to suggest that organisations which actively utilise assessments as part of their talent strategy are more likely to be considered best-in-class and generally achieve more of their business goals than organisations which don’t.

The study, which was conducted between March and April 2011, assessed data from more than 640 organisations, including 516 which used assessments as part of their talent strategy.

The research provides a strong evidence base to suggest that organisations which are considered best-in-class:

  • are more likely to have a formal process to assess candidates and both new and existing employees
  • are more likely to be able to correlate these assessment results with ongoing performance
  • collaborate effectively between HR and the business to ensure that assessments truly meet the business needs
  • look at assessment data as part of the strategic business planning process
  • achieve, on average, almost 20% more of their business goals than organisations without an assessment process

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Ascentia offers a range of assessment tools in order to help organisations like yours to understand the capabilities, styles and potential of your people. These diagnostic tools play an important role in a range of projects including recruitment, coaching and business change in terms of setting benchmarks and clear objectives which shape our approach to your challenges.

Typically we work with clients through a three phase process of assessment, coaching and evaluation. We seek first to understand what performance management information and assessments are already available within the organisation and capitalise on these before introducing additional assessments. We work with a number of respected assessment tools including Assess 360 Feedback and strengths-based Psychometric Assessments (including Realise2, Strengthscope™, The Hogan Personality Inventory and Myers Briggs).

If you would like to discuss how the use of assessments could strengthen your recruitment and talent management structures, please click here to contact Ascentia or call us on 01564 702204.