Clare Burgum

Clare is a professional executive coach, facilitator and trainer who works with leaders and their teams to achieve sustainable change, successfully navigate through both leadership and career transitions and achieve desired business outcomes.

She works with both established and aspiring leaders who are committed to their own growth and development and who are prepared to make the most of their coaching opportunity.  In her work with clients Clare helps them to explore their world from different perspectives, learning as they go so they can make choices and decisions that were unavailable to them at the start.

Clare draws on a wide range of tools and techniques chosen to suit the client context and desired outcomes, whilst continuing to balance alignment between the client’s personal and professional goals.  She has special interest in delivering coaching and development programmes rooted in transformational coaching building on theories of adult development.

Clare’s 13 year consulting and professional services background progressed through a range of business development, project management and line management roles to manage resource deployment, recruitment and overall professional development in a bluechip consulting and services practice.  Throughout this part of her career Clare developed a recognised capability and a passion for identifying, and developing the potential of, the talent within the business which she has carried forward into her coaching.

Over the last ten years, Clare has delivered a variety of individual and group programmes developing leaders, their careers and their teams, all using coaching as the foundation.    She successfully coaches individuals through significant stages of the employment lifecycle including: integration into a new leadership role, implementing key career decisions at major “crossroads”, transitioning between organisations, managing the personal impact of organisational change and leading others through transitions. Clare is also called on to enable organisations to develop their own coaching capability and she has facilitated a number of programmes helping leaders to develop a coaching culture within their teams.

Clare’s international coaching clients have included directors, senior managers and technical leaders across the private, public and third sector including FMCG, consulting, health, pharmaceutical, energy, financial services, higher education, local government, information technology and automotive research.

“Clare built a strong trust-based relationship with me very quickly.  Her excellent coaching skills helped me to to explore avenues of thought in detail, some that I had avoided and some I had not yet even considered.”

 IT and Engineering Manager, Automotive Research

 “Some critical moments for me were when you helped me a) Uncover what lies behind some assumptions I have been making b) Explore concrete challenges faced at work and how best to address them.”

Marketing Director, FMCG

“Clare is very bright and sharp – she takes a brief quickly.  I would describe her as interested and enthusiastic, efficient and focused.  For me the key is that she has a person-centred and flexible approach and she is challenging but in an empathic way.”

Head of QIPP, Strategic Health Authority

“Clare asked me precise questions that enabled me to see what was at the heart of the challenges I was facing and develop a robust action plan to tackle them effectively…. Clare is very easy to talk to and trust, essential if one is to get the best out of a coaching relationship.”

District Director, Local Government