Damian Walsh

Damian Walsh is a highly successful executive coaching specialist.

He is also a trusted and effective partner to his many corporate world client colleagues in the learning and development and leadership excellence international community.

His passion is helping people develop professional character and performance by fully exercising their known talents, identifying other unrealised latent talents, challenging limiting beliefs and/or assumptions, removing ceiling barriers, and leveraging untapped creativity to reach new peaks of working success and of general work-life fulfilment.

Damian especially enjoys working leaders in new business roles, following or approaching career transition, or whose changing personal or organisational circumstances make new demands on them, and for whom coaching is a welcomed and beneficial supporting process and relationship.

His clients have included: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Eurex, Deutsche Boerse, European Central Bank, Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Bank, RBS, HSBC, LBBW, Barclays, MSCI Barra, M&G Investments, Nomura, Merrill Lynch, Terra Firma, McKinsey & Company, Centrica, Dell, British Energy, Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council, Siemens, Corney & Barrow, John Innes Centre, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Lilly, Dixons Group, John Laing.

Damian’s expertise focuses on four areas of specialist practice:

  • Executive Coaching – aligning individual and corporate action and energy; transforming personal and collective organisational performance; supporting client insights during reality-checking of complex interpersonal relationships; identification and articulation of development objectives, strategies, planning and goal-setting and implementation
  • Leadership Faculty – external faculty facilitation for residential leadership development programmes, for individuals, teams and groups in experiential learning modes, including the customisation of complex business simulations and other varieties of learning methodologies
  • Learning Campus – design and development specialist of corporate scaled systemic learning and development solutions for leaders, general managers and emerging managers
  • Change Management Consulting – facilitation for combining strategy and operational objectives with focus and energy to achieve sustainable positive change; bringing a professional specialist perspective on managing the process of change; offering additional experience for analysis and diagnosis during problematic change; adding expertise to reviewing the people dimension of systemic organisational change