John Wigham

With a background in both Industry and Consulting John has developed a passion for Organisational Development and people.

John understands how people think and act, particularly in relation to their objectives and the relationship with their line managers.

He has the ability to align individuals with the organisations objectives and develop them such that they and the organisation they work for can create “Beyond the Edge Performance.”


He has over 30 years of extensive General Management and Consulting experience in line operational roles and as a Director and Partner in consulting businesses. He is a “hands on” sceptic, continually asking the difficult questions about behaviour and personality.

  • How do I make use of personality and behaviour if I am front line manager?
  • How can it help my people to succeed?
  • Is it easy to understand in a business context?
  • How does it help bottom line performance?

John spends much of his time talking to people about HOW to understand personality and use behaviour to create bottom line benefits.

He acts on a freelance basis as the UK Business Development Coordinator for Assess Systems, a group of Chartered Psychologists and Consultants and trains and educates people to understand and implement Competence based personality instruments. This knowledge combined with skills as a Certified NLP Master Practioner and a certified Behavioural & Values Analyst enables him to create change in both boardrooms and at operating levels of businesses.

He designs and delivers Assessment and Development processes to align people with the organisations objectives, coaching and counselling them to close the gaps. His belief is that people work for managers not corporations and that managers’ behaviour and values have to align with the business objectives if success is to occur. He will tell you, “If organisations don’t understand how to align their strategic objectives with the competencies and behaviour of their key people then they will never succeed,” then he will show you how to achieve it.

John’s domain knowledge encompasses many areas, including Local Authorities, Public Sector, Government Training and Manufacturing organisations as well as Finance, Insurance and Utility businesses. He has led major projects to specify and create new organisational structures and the associated process of change that always accompanies this.