Sandra Henson

The founder of Ascentia, Sandra Henson is a highly-experienced and internationally well-respected Corporate Executive Coach. She works with CEOs and leaders at the top of major international organisations, including several UK FTSE 100 and US Fortune 500 businesses, to deliver sustainable growth and change.

Sandra tailors the latest evidence-based thinking in organisational change, people development and leadership into grounded, highly-effective programmes which are aligned to clients’ business objectives and help achieve a tangible commercial edge.

Much of Sandra’s work with senior executives focuses on changing leadership behaviours to deliver the change and impact they seek for their organisations, their teams and themselves. Renowned for her results-driven approach, Sandra works with individuals to discover their authentic selves and use their natural strengths as a platform for growth, transforming both their professional and personal lives as a result.

To date, Sandra has delivered in excess of 3,000 individual coaching hours and her clients include Microsoft, Barclays, Centrica, Dell, Diageo, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Wrigleys/Mars, Abbott Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, Moet and Hennessy and Johnson & Johnson.

Sandra’s style has been described as incisive, inspiring and challenging as she works with leaders to leverage their performance. She coaches with transformational, yet highly-tailored, people development skills to help leaders make sense of the complex array of challenges facing them and identify new ways of achieving their goals.

How she does this varies according to the client, context and coaching goals. Her fundamental approach is to work across the business performance, adult development and psychological spectrum to deliver a bespoke coaching programme that adds tangible value to both the individual and the business.

As well as coaching senior executives for higher performance, both as individuals and in teams, Sandra’s coaching work includes helping leaders to articulate and demonstrate a shared vision, bring focus and address the leadership challenges they face. In many circumstances these coaching assignments include supporting clients through challenging professional transitions, whether integrating into a new organisation, building capability to excel in rapidly growing businesses, working in a new country or career navigation during periods of significant organisational change.

Sandra works well with a range of different clients and particularly enjoys working with leaders who are open to change, dynamic, bright, curious and wish to be challenged and stretched to higher levels of thinking and performance.