Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale is an experienced and highly successful Executive Coach and leadership development consultant working with clients internationally across a wide range of industry sectors, typically at Board or Director Level.

Typically her work relates to helping both organisations and leaders achieve some type of transformational change where the issues faced seem challenging or even insurmountable. Using her extensive knowledge of leadership development, business strategy and psychological models, she helps leaders achieve positive and long-lasting change in behaviour which ultimately impacts on bottom line results.

With 20+ years in industry, Sue has experience of working in a corporate environment, and as entrepreneur, having founded and sold a training company. Furthermore, as an elite sportswoman and polar adventurer, Sue has first hand experience of the pressures and demands required to achieve excellence in a fast paced and challenging environment.

Sue’s coaching style is based on the principles of positive psychology. Her strengths are helping clients to imagine possibilities, be proactive and be exceptional not just average. Typical clients’ issues relate to understanding mindset, achieving exceptional performance, managing change, motivation, influence and impact.

Sue’s personal strengths reflect the type of clients she attracts. They are often leaders that are recognised as credible, professional and successful, have a clear focus and a strong drive to excel. Her ability to quickly build trust and focus on the unconscious patterns of behaviour or limiting beliefs that may be holding them back, ensures that rapid progress is achieved.

Clients describe Sue’s coaching style as confident, comprehensive, providing clarity, empathetic, assured, positive, adaptable, enjoyable and fun.