What is coaching?


Ascentia collaborated with brilliant Anna Geyer, graphic facilitator ( at the recent HR Business Summit at the ICC Birmingham. As well as graphically facilitating some of the conversations that took place on the stand, working with Ascentia, Anna created this stunning illustration of the coaching journey, bringing into vivid colour the important process that lies at the heart of what we do.

Ascentia takes to the stand at the HR Summit 2013

Ascentia launches Leadership Excellence Guide: Developing a Leadership Brand

“Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of strength. The key to developing great leadership is to build strengths.”                                           

John H. Zenger and Joseph Folkman

LeadershipModern business leaders are required to deliver outstanding results through their businesses, to motivate their people and fill external stakeholders with confidence and belief in them and in their organisation too.

The most effective leaders have a distinct leadership brand which they utilise to deliver the results they need to achieve. Whilst great leadership can be a learned process, an element of truly outstanding leadership comes from deploying natural strengths to great advantage and packaging them into a leadership brand which conveys your identity as a leader and the value you offer.

Acentia has developed a five step guide to creating a Leadership Brand that will match your core strengths to your professional challenges.

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White Paper: The benefits of a strengths-focused approach to leadership development

 By Mike Roarty and Kathy Toogood

“By celebrating what’s right with the world, we find the energy to fix what’s wrong.”

 So says award winning National Geographic photographer, and Stephen Covey co-author, Dewitt Jones. His years of capturing the beauty, splendour and potential of developing nations convinced him that this could advance their cause more than berating their deficiencies. But does this outlook hold true for the modern leader and their people?

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Ascentia showcasing leadership and change capabilities at 2013 HR Business Summit

 Ascentia Corporate Coaching has signed up to share latest thinking on leadership and organisational change at HR Directors Business Summit at The ICC, Birmingham in January 2013.

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Assessments help businesses make better choices


A benchmark 2011 study by The Aberdeen Group evidences that using assessments actively minimises business risk at all stages of the employee life-cycle by providing valuable insights into new candidates, spotting potential high flyers, talent gaps and measuring the performance of employees throughout their careers.

Are you using assessments to underpin your hiring and development decisions?

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Focusing on strengths guarantees better outcomes


Want to perform better, be happier, live longer? Then, as Monty Python once said, always look on the bright side of life. Focus on your strengths, on what works and make sure you are optimising them and you will find yourself more likely to achieve your goals.

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