What we do

What we do

Ascentia develops individual and team coaching programmes which motivate employees towards strategic business objectives, delivering measurable performance benefits.

Our services also include talent and leadership development, employee engagement, mentoring, recruitment, training, assessment and organisational change solutions. We offer a range of psychometrics and feedback programmes, enabling clients to evaluate employee competencies and behaviours as well as their technical performance.

We also provide tailored recruitment programmes which identify candidates most likely to share the values sought by the employer, as well as confirming the experience and competencies required for the role.

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When employees are enabled and motivated to give of their best, the whole organisation benefits. Click here to read about our coaching, training and assessment work with key individuals.


Ascentia understands that harnessing the collective power of the team can achieve high performance within organisations. Click here to read about our coaching and facilitation work with teams.


Ascentia works with leaders at the top of major international organisations to deliver sustainable growth and change. Click here to read about our talent/leadership development work, assessment programmes and organisational change initiatives.