Development Centres

Development CentresDevelopment Centres support the strategic drive towards building excellent and inspirational leadership by creating development plans that are motivational and owned by the individual, providing a clear and actionable route for professional development and career progression.

Although tailored to each client’s objectives, Development Centres typically include the following elements:

  • Leadership workshop with the organisation’s senior team
  • Competency Framework (role and organisation-specific)
  • Briefing and communication documentation, webinars and seminar
  • 360 Feedback reports and Development (psychometric) reports
  • Bespoke Development Centres and development exercises
  • Group Analysis of feedback
  • Individual Personal Development Planning
  • Action Learning Sets (ALS)
  • Evaluation

On conclusion of the Development Centre, we expect to see increased self awareness from participating delegates about strengths and development areas related to successful leadership which, in turn, leads to new knowledge being sought and acquired and personal decisions/actions taken as a result of the programme which drive increased performance.