Ascentia supports clients in aligning their people development programmes to business goals, from how they recruit and assess the capability of their key employees to how they develop and nurture their potential. We have experience of working on major change initiatives, employee engagement programmes, cross-company coaching, training and facilitation programmes and in creating robust, competency-based, recruitment and assessment processes which ensure organisations have the right teams and individuals in key positions.

Change Initiatives

Ascentia works, through assessment and coaching techniques, to help organisations uncover and address the individual and collective barriers that often hold them back from acheiving lasting change.

Talent and Leadership Development

Whether it is for your leadership team or emerging talent, Ascentia can offer a range of best-in-class coaching programmes that unlock potential and maximise performance at both an individual and organisational level.

Competency Development and Assessments

Ascentia offers a range of assessment tools in order to help organisations understand the capabilities, styles and potential of their people including strengths-based personality profiling and competency modelling processes that can help define both organisational competencies which drive the vision, as well as job-specific functional and technical competencies.