Achieving Real Change

Achieving Real ChangeWhen transformational business change programmes fail to deliver results it is often because they are sabotaged, albeit unintentionally, by those involved.

Most leaders have experienced the frustration of seeing an important business transformation programme flounder as team members fail to act on their resolutions and appear stuck in patterns of long-established behaviour.

It can appear as though those involved have one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake, simultaneously. However if you are able to uncover what it is that keeps teams ‘stuck’ and reveal how mindsets, beliefs and assumptions have been preventing the team from reaching its’ potential, then the foot comes off the brake and the opportunity to achieve real and lasting change becomes possible.

Achieving Real Change, a new Ascentia programme, uses transformational questioning, coaching and structured discussion techniques to go deep below the surface of employee motivation and behaviour to understand what exists at an unconscious level to make individuals and teams resistant to change, no matter how enthusiastic they appear to be. These techniques have been proven to work where more technical solutions (such as training, skills input or behavioural coaching) have not.

Through the programme participants will be able to challenge and ultimately discard barriers to change which may have unconsciously held them back for many years. These revelations create a significant shift in the collective mindset and the same energy that the team had been using to hold back from change is then freed to make real and lasting change happen.

The results can be profound and will transform your teams’ ability to adapt to and embrace new ways of thinking.

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