Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching is a cutting edge programme which explores the role of nested systems – the complex structures and relationships within organisations – which influence how individuals and teams both behave and perform.

A traditional ‘inside-out’ approach to developing teams considers how the team can be supported in working better together. With Systemic Team Coaching however, the focus is turned on its head, looking at the team from ‘outside-in': considering what the team is there to serve – and how it can be developed to respond to this purpose and objectives.

Our approach draws on the work of John Leary-Joyce from the AoEC, in partnership with Peter Hawkins of Bath Consulting Group who are are at the leading edge in developing a distinctive, comprehensive and effective methodology for team coaching.

We explore the objectives and purpose of the team; individuals and their role within the team, team dynamics, interpersonal relationships and how the team relates to stakeholders and the wider organisations. Our objective is to harnesses the power of the team by ensuring that all of these elements are functioning effectively and in balance.

Click here for our White Paper on Systemic Team Coaching.